Perfectly Balanced Benefit Distribution

What is referral partners


Referral Partner is a comprehensive institutional framework that connects various entities with well-defined and delineated mandates with the mutual aim. With Referral Partner every user can maximize earnings with a minimum entry and create their unique structure.

Referral Partners is characterized as an Asymmetrical Two-sided referral incentive, which contains down-to-up benefit progression and immense expansion prospect.




How it works

Referral Partners as a structure consists of one core player and levels of users, that can add up to seven or more hierarchy steps. Consistency of levels are divided in a neutral square variables, which also function as a number of users engaged in a certain level of the structure. Each user is exchanging refers into short and long term benefits according to the structure size.

Interest Progression 


The science behind the interest rate succession is simple. Golden Hills best analysts have been working on a perfect formula to derive the percentage allocation system for the referral partner model. After month of idea formulation/testing we give you the perfect system - Fibonacci. The idea behind the formula agrees to the moral and vision of the company. From the start west credit union was suppose to be a foundations of perfect financial circle. Entire concept with the fibonacci system puts our minds at rest and creates a perfectly balanced benefit distribution .


Using the Program Referral Partners every core player of the structure has the following benefits:

  • Accelerating Earnings

  • Minimal Interference  

  • Low entry investment

  • Structure of your design

Foundation of perfect financial circle



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