With more than 30 specialists dedicated to Trading & Liquidity Strategies, we seek to be a trusted partner for our clients, providing them with global markets insights and state-of-the art risk analytics. As a leading global asset manager with relationships with key players throughout global markets, Golden Hill Capital, LLC, has one of the world’s deepest pools of liquidity. This strengthens our ability to help clients minimize market impact, implement cash management strategies and unlock the full potential of their portfolios

Risk management is an integral part of all our activities—both investment and non-investment. While we have a dedicated risk team, we consider risk management to be everyone's job. It's our belief that long-term investment success requires not only mitigation of day-to-day investment risk but also careful preparation for extraordinary events and an unusual attention to detail in the areas of operations, compliance, and other key business functions.

Golden Hill Capital Fund Management Instruments

Trading Platform

We provide fastest trading using modern technologies. No delays in order executions and most accurate quotes. Our trading platform is available everywhere, around the clock. We are continuously adding new financial instruments.

12 Different chart type, 23 indicators, trend lines

HFA (High Frequency Algorithm) Trading module

Over 100 assets including popular cryptos


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