Our advice and solutions are always tailor-made to the requirements of the specific situation. Before making any judgment calls or providing any advice, we devote time with our clients to understand their financial objectives and individual needs.

Golden Hill Capital owned by “Golden Hill Corporate sp. zo. o” (R/N 0000726013, registration address: FRYDERYKA CHOPINA, nr 41, lok. 2, miejsc. LUBLIN, Poland Post code: 20-023) is a leading, privately-owned acquisition management group, with variety of assets under management. Golden Hill Corporate sp. zo. o manages assets on behalf of institutional clients and private investors worldwide providing our clients with expert advice, innovative solutions and outstanding execution, by offering a highly effective and customized approach to each and every client. Investment performance is our cornerstone - we strive to generate strong risk adjusted returns for our investors over the long term. At Golden Hill Corporate sp. zo. o we understand that your individual financial situation is unique and deserves an equally unique approach designed to help put you on track to reaching your financial goals. Because we are an independent firm, we have no obligation to sell proprietary products or services, so we can be openly selective in offering only those investment products and services that we believe are best suited to help meet your financial objectives and goals. This is the objectivity afforded by working with an independent financial entity. We offer you timely, unbiased investment advice, and promise to do so with the highest level of integrity and service.

Golden Hill's Core Competencies 

Asset Based


Golden Hill Capital, across its vast focus, specialize in asset-based investing and bring to bear significant experience in investing broadly and deeply in a diverse set of asset types. Golden Hill's expertise extends to pricing, owning, financing and overseeing the management of physical and financial assets ranging from Diamonds and Gold to financial assets like Crypto Currencies and CFDs, secured by diversified long-term cash flows.

Industry Knowledge 

Golden Hill capital has a deep knowledge of the industries in which it invests. In the course of executing investments and operating portfolio companies, Golden Hill has developed a team of investment professionals with significant sector-specific expertise and relationships with leading companies, institutions and individuals worldwide.

Operations Management 

Golden Hill Capital has refined a set of tools for assessing operational, structural and strategic challenges. These tools allow Golden Hill to engage in and extract value from complex investments.

Fund Acquisition Direction

Golden Hill Capital brings assortment of different markets in one place. Operable markets include: Capital Market, Money Market, Primary and secondary Markets and other non-financial industries. Company role is to unite comprehensive fund rising place and strategies together. Golden Hill Capital makes OTC (Over The Counter) accessible for anyone


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